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An element of self-reflection pervades the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, especially in the part that is written to his son. Printed editions — Stuber, Henry.

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

InBen Franklin published the first German-language newspaper in America — Die Philadelphische Zeitung — although it failed after only one year, because four other newly founded German papers quickly dominated the newspaper market.

The Complete Works of Benjamin Franklin: Most of his virtues trace back to he teachings of Socrates. In his letter Cooling by EvaporationFranklin noted that, "One may see the possibility of freezing a man to death on a warm summer's day.

After a life like Franklin's had become possible and could be described matter-of-factly, the Declaration of Independence seems understandable and much less revolutionary. He also briefly talks about his inventions and experiments with electricity.

Benjamin Franklin American Literature Analysis - Essay

The Life of the Late Dr. Parallel Text Edition, and by Leonard W. Meredith and opens a printing office together. Edited by Weld, H. Often, however, this introspection serves not so much to enlighten Franklin about himself as to provide an object lesson for the reader.

I do not choose to be a free democrat. In fact, the summum bonum of [Franklin's] ethic, the earning of more and more money. Benjamin Franklin then returns to Philadelphia.

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Beacon Press The works of Benjamin Franklin. Then later Benjamin Franklin comes back to Rebecca Read in the autobiography when he talks about wanting to settle down and marry, then Benjamin Franklin jumps back to the time when he first met Rebecca Read and ends up running into her and finally marring her.

Part three, he longest of the four sections, began in The younger Franklin went to New York inwhich was still occupied by British troops. She was one of the colonial era's first woman printers. Jan 01,  · The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin was written between and and was intended to serve as a guide an inspiration to Franklin's son, William, who at the time was the oyal Governor of New Jersey.

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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin revealed a tale of success that portrayed a remarkable man, who lived a life of great virtue in tumultuous 18th century America. His autobiography established in literary form, the first example of the fulfillment of the American Dream.

Franklin discussed his /5(10). Critical Essays Critical Opinions of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List No man now has so strong a hold on the habits and manners of the people. From reading the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, who throughout his life Benjamin Franklin was known for being in many different trades, from a publisher, an inventor, a diplomat, to a political philosopher, I have come to learn that his life was about doing what he needed to become successful.

The narrative tone of the book is clearly that of an older man looking back upon the accomplishments and mistakes of his youth. An element of self-reflection pervades the Autobiography of Benjamin.

Essays on ben franklins autobiography
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